Consulting on the next ten years: autumn 2018

Closes 2 Jan 2019

Opened 1 Oct 2018


The Arts Council is currently developing our new strategy for 2020-2030, which will shape our development, advocacy and investment approach over the next ten years. 

After gathering and analysing a wide range of evidence, and holding conversations with the public and with stakeholders, we have identified a series of proposed outcomes that we believe we should aim to achieve by 2030.  You can read more about the outcomes below. 

In this first stage of consultation, we are asking a wide range of stakeholders if they agree that these outcomes are the right things for Arts Council England to focus on over the next decade, and if so, how we might work together to achieve them. We would like to hear from a diverse mix of individuals, groups and organisations.

Before you complete the survey we would like you to read some information in preparation.  

Please download and read 'Shaping the next ten years’ below, as it gives you useful background information before you answer the questions that focus on:

  • The case for change we have identified from the evidence.
  • The proposed set of outcomes we have developed.
  • What it might take to achieve the outcomes.

The document shouldn’t take long to read (around 15 minutes) and you might find it useful to have it to hand, as you go through the survey.  

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Have your say on the next ten years